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The Cloisterite Family is based in the Secular Reparatrices of Our Lady of the Cloister, the "Lay Cloisterites", a private lay association of the faithful without the intention of becoming an institute of religious life.

The Cloisterite Hermits are now a part of the Stella Maris Contemplatives.  "Nesting in the Sacred Heart" has been added to the Sancta Regula.  While practicing Carthusianism in the laura, the Cloisterites will follow a Camaldolese typology where the two vocations coexist with one another, and can transfer between observances.

The Stella Maris Contemplatives are a Lay Cloisterite "Fourth Tier" Preparatory Association with the intention of becoming an institute of religious life.  The SMC are in the process of emergence.  We are gathering the canonical formation team.

We ask for those who are attracted to the cenobites (nuns and monks) to please come forward and begin the process.  The seed vocation will retire from her active job in 5.5 years.  Formation will be concurrent with the eremites, who are already in progress.

We would like to have as much done online as we can before attempting anything in the physical. (Building funds would be a huge plus, as well).


The Spirit of a Reparatrix, According to Blessed Emilie

Secular Reparatrices of Our Lady of the Cloister (Lay Cloisterites)

Stella Maris Contemplatives Eremitic Vocation

Stella Maris Contemplatives Cenobitic Vocation


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