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After reparation as other Marys consoling her Son at the foot of the monstrance--the Cloisterite charism includes:
1.  Promoting cloistered vocations through each Cloisterite's every thought, word, deed, action, and prayer, for which they take the "Promotion Promise" or the "Promotion Vow."  For religious, this vow is in addition to the three evangelical counsels of poverty, chastity, and obedience.  By their very lives, they are to give the Church and the world more cloistered vocations.  The Cloisterites will distinguish themselves by their selfless lives spent before the tabernacle, practicing perpetual adoration and rosary.  Each Cloisterite will be assigned a charism for which they are to pray, in addition to making intercession and reparation for the sins of the world.
A grave fault is incurred if Cloisterites pray for vocations to their own charism.  Their self-sacrifice for the cloisters should be such that God will bless them with the charism's propagation as a reward.  The only people inside a Cloisterite monastery praying for Cloisterite vocations will be the Vocation Incubator retreatants.  They will be doing so as a thanksgiving for the incubator.
The Cloisterites will also provide a safe haven primarily for cloistered vocation discerners by offering cloistered retreats; beguinages; and the Vocation Incubator of the Holy Ghost.  Active discerners are supported as well, but the incubator setting may not be conducive to discerning an active vocation.

2.  To be the prayer powerhouse of emerging charisms, since there are no other charisms dedicated to this apostolate.  The Cloisterites will assist aspiring/new founders in any way they can, but primarily through prayer.
3.  Prayer support for Cloister Outreach and its mission.
4.  Prayer support for CONF and its initiatives
5.  Prayer support for the New Evangelization
6.  Prayer for active and priesthood vocations
All is done in a spirit of reparation.

The observances:
The eremitic Cloisterite spirituality is Carthusian and Columban.  Any eremitical typology is acceptable.
The cenobitic Cloisterite spirituality is Salesian; Dominican; and Carmelite.
The contemplative-active Cloisterite spirituality will be Third Order Regular Dominican.
All of the Cloister Outreach Affiliate New Foundations (CONF) will have the first year's formation based on the gentle spirituality of St. Francis de Sales (Salesian).

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