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"Where I am, there My servant shall be." 
                                      Cloisterite Motto taken from the Passion Narrative

***Please note: the Cloisterites are now Congregational Recluses for the CAMM/CCMM Sacerdotal Division. Should vocations be attracted, they will branch off and form their own religious institute. Please see the "Ministry-to-Charism" page.***

Welcome to the Cloisterite Family website. 
Here we will be answering questions about the Secular Reparatrices of Our Lady of the Cloister (Lay Cloisterites); the Stella Maris Contemplatives--cenobites and eremites; and our other proposed Cloisterite communities.
***Please note: We are not affiliated with the Sisters of Mary Reparatrix.***

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The first years of an institute require of one who desires to enter a vocational grace capable of overcoming the unique difficulties associated with the beginnings of any new institute.  The problem is even more felt today in view of the declining number of vocations.
Fr. Elio Gambari, SMM
"Canonical Establishment of
a Religious Institute: Process
and Procedures," page 180

Our Lady of the Cloister
Give us many holy vocations!

The Reparatrix Anchoresses of Our Lady of the Cloister is a project of the Cloister Outreach Affiliate New Foundations (CONF).

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Questions or comments? Get in touch with Gemma, the CONF Admissions Secretary and vocation director for the Cloisterites, at:

Our Lady of the Cloister, pray for us!