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The Secular Reparatrices of Our Lady of the Cloister--the Lay Cloisterites--are a private lay association of Christ's faithful who will live the Cloisterite charism in a lay setting.
The Lay Cloisterites have a "tier" system:
First Tier -- those not able to make promises as a Lay Cloisterite as a third order member would.  This would include non-Catholics; religious; those already a member of another third order; and religious life discerners.
Second Tier -- those who are making this way of life a permanent religious observance for themselves.  Priests are permitted to make promises as a Lay Cloisterite.
Third Tier -- those who wish to take their Second Tier promises deeper through consecration.  Female virgins would take the Virginal Consecration.  Male virgins; widows; and widowers would make a consecration using the Lay Cloisterite formulary.  ***Possible forerunner of a secular institute***
Fourth Tier -- this tier consists of the preparatory associations for emerging Cloisterite charisms.  The Stella Maris Contemplatives are presently the only Fourth Tier association.
All tiers follow the Daily Dedications, and observe the following Prayer Intentions:
-- reparation guided by the Daily Dedications;
-- the cloisters and their vocations;
-- emerging charisms and their vocations;
-- Cloister Outreach and its mission;
-- CONF and its initatives;
-- the New Evangelization;
-- active and priesthood vocations
Included in a Lay Cloisterite's daily regimen would be Daily Mass (if possible); the Divine Office; rosary; meditation; and good works--all for the sake of making reparation; the cloisters; emerging charisms; the New Evangelization; and the work of Cloister Outreach.  There will also be great emphasis on the prayer of Daily Duty.

The distinctive garb of the Lay Cloisterites is navy skirt (women) or slacks (men), white shirt or blouse, navy vest and white tiechel for the women.  Marital status is indicated by tiechel cord color.  A stripe of the same color is worn on the men's vest at heart level on the left.
Burgundy -- those under age 17
Light Pink -- unmarried women over 17
Light blue -- married women
Black -- divorced women without annulment
Green -- divorced women with annulment
Grey -- widows
Gold -- consecrates
(Optional: Red -- "penitent" who has recovered from an unchaste lifestyle).
White -- Cloisterite religious aspirant.

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