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The Cloisterites are to make reparation to God for the sins of humanity through the Daily Dedications mentioned below these points remembered in the Morning Offering:
-- an increase in cloistered vocations;
-- for emerging charisms;
--  the mission of Cloister Outreach;
-- CONF and their initiatives;
-- the New Evangelization;
-- and active and priestly vocations.
All of these intentions are mentioned during the morning offering, and are repeated at the time of retirement for the night during the offering of the pure heartbeats of sleep.
The days of the week are dedicated as follows, each offered in the first line of the morning offering, in addition to thanking God for creating them either male or female:
Sunday: the Resurrection; reparation for those who deny it happened and desecration of the Sabbath
Monday: the Holy Ghost; reparation for suicide; transgenderism; and acedia
Tuesday: St. Joseph; reparation for neglect of and sacrilege against the saints
Wednesday: the Holy Angels; reparation for their misuse, esp. in popular culture
Thursday: the Holy Eucharist; reparation for denial of the Real Presence and desecrations
Friday: the Sacred Passion; reparation for those who say it never happened and sacrileges against sacramentals
Saturday: reparation for sacrileges against the Blessed Mother by pagans using her image as that of the goddess; and neglect of Purgatory by Catholics; keeping company with the Mother of Sorrows; reparation for those who say God is dead
The Cloisterites make their lives one of "being there for God."  Their solitude begins within and translates to the external hermitage or community, having no other loves but Christ.
Each Cloisterite is responsible for discerning the spirituality which will take them to God (e.g. Carmelite; Benedictine; Passionist; Dominican, etc.).  If one is drawn to the Cloisterites, but is also drawn strongly to another spirituality, the latter indicates the path one is to take while living the Cloisterite charism.
We do not overburden the isolated hermits with external devotions.  The obligatory prayers are the Liturgy of the Hours, with Daily Mass when possible.  They are able to pray the Little Office of the Sacred Heart for the Little Hours online at work.   For Morning, Evening, and Night Prayer, they pray the Little Office of the Blessed Virgin Mary first, then the Liturgy of the Hours, replicating Carthusian practice.
Blessed Emilies' congregation prayed the Little Office of the Sacred Heart, and since we are also of her spirit, we use the LOSH for the little hours.  We thought it a fair integration of the two spiritualities. 

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Our Lady of the Cloister, pray for us!