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The eremites are the only Stella Maris Contemplatives who can abide in their own hermitages in an isolated situation.  They receive formation online, and go through the diocesan eremitical process as per normal.
They are also free to reside in an anchorhold attached a church; or a skeet; or a laura with eremites of other spiritualities.  They are also allowed to abide with (and work for) seculars as long as privacy is maintained.
We also offer the option of "letter of kinship."  The diocesan eremite adapts the Cloisterite way, while formulating their own eremitical charism (each hermit is their own charism).  Some form of light blue and white must be adapted, but not the full Cloisterite habit.

A note about the horarium.  What is posted is for those who do not work full-time jobs.  Those who do work full-time rearrange the horarium as necessary.  Some are able to pray a little when they are at work.  All we ask is that our isolates not make a nuisance of themselves to their employers.
While best-case-scenario is to have the Mass in the Extraordinary Form (MEF or EFLR), the community may have to be either bi-ritual or have the Mass in the Ordinary Form exclusively.

The Eremitic Plan of Life--"Nesting in the Sacred Heart"

Horarium (taken from the cenobitic pages)

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