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Mother Mary of Jesus, S.M.R.
Inspiration for the Cloisterite habits.

The habit of the eremitical Cloisterites draws its inspiration from Blessed Emilie, shown above as Mother Mary of Jesus, SMR, and the Carthusians.
The tunic is white, representative of the alb and our baptismal promises.  Religious life is a deepening of these promises.
The light blue scapular is Carthusian--includes side bands--and is representative of Our Lady of the Cloister, the Immaculate Conception.
The cincture is red for the Precious Blood.  The original Reparatrix habit had a blue cord with tassels.  We have adapted a red one for our charism.
The white and blue rosary is 18 decades, representative of the full Brigittine rosary.
The profession crucifix is adapted from the cenobitic observance.
We intend the headdress to be adapted from the SMRs as well.  If a habit maker is unable to reproduce the headdress, we will maintain wearing the light blue tiechel.
The gentlemen hermits will have the same habit, only with a zuchetto.

The habit of the cenobitic Cloisterites will be very similar to the original habit worn by the Society of Mary Reparatrix, shown above. The Cloisterite nuns' habit will have the white tunic, sky blue scapular, square wimple, and sky blue veil with headdress.  They will also wear the Precious Blood cincture with the instruments of the Passion on the cincture pendant.  The 18-decade sky blue and white Brigittine rosary will be suspended from the left side of the cincture.  At final profession, the profession crucifix will be received and worn under the square wimple as the heart is in the above photo.  Footwear will be primarily white, but will be based on the individual sister's need.

The Cloisterite Monks will have a hooded scapular.  If the aspirants elect to wear a zuchetto, cappello, or biretta, such will be worn.

They will also wear the Precious Blood cincture and sky blue and white 18-decade rosary.  Upon final profession, the profession crucifix will be received and worn around the neck.  As with the nuns, footwear will primarily be white, but based on the individual monk's need.

Habits for the different levels of formation will be discussed on the "Formation" page.

Parts of the habit and their representation:
White tunic--Blessed Sacrament and representative of the Dominican aspect of the charism
Sky blue color--Immaculate Conception
Barbette/square wimple--sign of Salesian/Visitation aspect of charism
Headdress--cloisters are literally on the sisters' minds
Veil tucked into top of scapular in back--sign of Discalced Carmelite aspect of the charism 
Precious Blood Cincture with instruments of the Passion--Fount of Vocations; expression of Paulacrucian spirituality aspect of the charism
Blue and white rosary--Our Lady of the Cloister; vocational graces
Profession crucifix--"The insults hurled at you fell on Me." (Jesus); another expression of the Paulacrucian spirituality intertwined in the charism.
A note about the veil: Most people see Discalced Carmelites with their large communion veils and mantles--e.g. paintings of St. Therese the Little Flower.  The everyday veil is under the communion veil, and is seen only in the monastery.  When the nuns are dressing, the scapular is put on over the veil, thus causing the "tucked" look.  This is why the Cloisterites are using the tucked veil as the expression of the Carmelite part of their spirituality.

The habit of the contemplative-active Cloisterites will have the distinctive headdress with blue veil, but the white Dominican scapular.  The scapular of the Immaculate Conception will be worn under the habit. The sisters will be cloistered unless at a school function.

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Our Lady of the Cloister, pray for us!