P.S.I.--An "Emergency!" Story

Chapter 10--Angel in Topboots

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After Peaches and Mundelein left, Mike fell on his knees in the open area, and stretching out his arms, cried, "You didn't tell me what to do if you didn't come home!" not really knowing where the words were coming from.  "I can't handle this, Brin!  I don't understand what's going on, why any of this is happening!  Please. . .BE AN ANGEL IN TOPBOOTS AND HAVE PITY ON ME!"
Overwhelmed with fatigue, he went to his alcove, laid down and went to sleep, not comprehending the globe of light he saw when his eyes were closed.

A few hours later, he sat in the recliner, covered by a commemorative afghan from Bardstown.  The VCR clock was the only light in the room.
The double doors to the deck slammed open, but he was too tired to care.  He continued to stare at the VCR clock, not noticing that the room was becoming lighter.   He then saw a reflection in the dark TV screen which made him jump out of his seat with a screech.  He went down on his knees in front of the entertainment center.  When he faced the light, he noticed the swish of what sounded like nylon riding pants.
"Brin?" he asked weakly.
The light came around the recliner and stopped in front of him.   The topboots were clear at the bottom of the apparition.  The light seemed to crouch toward him.  If he hadn't known any better he would've sworn he was looking into his beloved bride's sapphire blue eyes again.
Mike felt a warm hand on the left side of his face.  A consolation he thought he'd never feel on Earth consumed him.
"Brin," he breathed.  "Is that really you?"

Yes, Mike, it's really me, he heard within him.
"I miss you so much!" he wept.
I know, darling, I know.  But I've never left your side.  The reason you hurt so bad is not only due to how I was forced to leave you, but your expectations for our life together were never realized.  I've never stopped loving you, and never will.  In the moments you feel the most abandoned, I'm holding you.
"I'm never remarrying," he declared.
That is your choice, but pay heed to my words.  Your days as an engineer are numbered.  Focus on your job, and the young ones who will be sent to you.  Your crew at 51 is about to be scattered to the four winds.  Spend time with them now.  They are extremely concerned about you, but are allowing you your space.
The light moved toward his chest.
Listen to my ring.  You will know something is up when it either burns or freezes you.  And do not pursue my assailants.  They will be caught sooner than you think.  You were permitted to suffer an MI to keep you from doing something stupid in that regard.  And please keep in mind that if you take your own life, we will never, ever be together again.
Flashbacks of the suicidal temptations--overdosing on diazepam; hanging himself; jumping off a cliff--flew past his mind's eye.  Mike felt very ashamed of himself.  "I just wanted the pain to stop," he wept.
The light looked as if it were hugging him and he was filled with consolation.
Another cause of your pain is not knowing who the culprits are, or the motive.  Once they are caught, you will be consoled, and you will receive more consolation with their pleas.  You will still have fits of grief on occasion.  The little reminders of our daily life together, and the perps' testimonies, may seem too much to bear at times.  Grieve, then let it go.  Hanging on to that which is past contributes to your burden.

"But I don't want to give you up!"
Soulmates are never separated, even by death.  Your grief is your grief, and you can hang onto it as long as you wish.  Time will be the healer in this case.  There is also a letter in my car which the detectives need.
"They'll instigate me!"
I'll contact Mundelein.
The light raised his head to look eye to eye.  Mike had thought his wife's eyes were gorgeous in life, and now they were beyond description.
I love you--don't forget that.  I'm always with you.  Our love has simply entered a new phase.  If you think you're suffering now, just wait until a great tragedy befalls Guyana.  Then the entire world will grieve over another man's insanity.
The light came closer to him and he felt his lips tingling.  More consolation.  The light moved back.  Mike put his fingertips to his lips, then looked at his hand.
Remember--I love you.
The light backed away from him, then shot back through the deck doors, which slammed shut.  Mike fell on his face, crying "Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!"  

In Peaches and Mundeleins' office the next morning, they were going through the evidence they had so far.
"Check my car," said a female voice.
"Did you hear something?" they asked each other.
"A female voice. . ." said Mundelein.
"Saying, 'Check my car,'" said Peaches.
"Sounded like it."
Peaches grabbed a baggie, and they headed to the lot where Brin's corvette was impounded.
"In the boot behind the seats," Mundelein recalled, unlocking the passenger side door for Peaches.  "I honestly thought the letter would've been long gone by now.  I guess I shouldn't assume, now should I?"  He let himself in on the driver's side.
Peaches started feeling around the boot area.  Behind the driver's seat, she felt a bump.  "I think I've got something," she said.  Mundelein helped her pull up the upholstery.


With the upholstery up, they found the little paper ball.  Mundelein used the blade of his Swiss army knife to roll it into the baggie held open by Peaches.
Back in the office, Mundelein donned gloves and unfolded the ball.  On the unevenly written page was:
                            I will wait,
                            even if it takes forever;
                            I will wait,
                            even if it takes a life time.
                            Somehow I feel inside
                            You never ever left my side.
                            Make it like it was before
                            Even if it takes a life time,
                                takes a life time.
Please believe me when I say I love you.     George
"Where have I heard this before?" asked Mundelein.
"Song lyrics, but I can't place them," said Peaches.  "Except for the last two lines."
"I think I know someone who would know," said Mundelein.
"Cassie Lou.  I get the feeling she may know more than what she's telling us."
After calling several places, Mundelein tracked down Cassie Lou at Condor Ridge Farm.  "Why didn't I just call there first?" he mumbled.
"I have some song lyrics I need help identifying," he told her.
"Sure, I'll try," she said.
He read her the lyrics.
"Bee Gee's "Nights on Broadway."  Matches George Welles following Brin from Kentucky.  I think he thought that she was working her way through her uncle's fire station--if you know what I mean.  Like, Mike wasn't her only guy."
"That's sick," Peachy mouthed.  She was listening on an extension.
"Is there anything else you can tell us about Brin and George?" asked Mundelein.
"Aside from the fact that he annoyed the daylights out of her?  No." 

"But how do you know he followed her from Kentucky?"
"She told me she saw his car out of the corner of her eye when she was being introduced to her uncle's crew."
"And what happened after that?"
"She noticed him and he drove off."

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