P.S.I.--An "Emergency!" Story

Gemma's E! Vision in the Monastery

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June 1987 was a pivotal month in my life.  I was a recent college graduate, and on a vocation retreat with the cloistered nuns who live in the monastery pictured below, trying to figure out if their place was where my Higher Power Whom I call God wanted me to be for the rest of my life.  Becoming a nun is a calling, not an escape.  If entering for the latter reason, there is a good chance of losing one's sanity.


I was in the enclosed cloister walkway outside of the Novitiate classroom (where the 'young' ones receive their formation), when I felt the Presence of God standing before me.  You have not given up "Emergency!" I heard within.  So I made it a point to detach myself from the show, and gave it to the Presence.  Nor your affection for Stoker.  Okay, that took a little doing, but I gave him up, too, and offered it to the Presence.

Something made me turn around toward the nuns' choir (where they pray in common and attend Mass).  I beheld up where the ceiling met the wall a nebulous group of people--whom I understood to be E! fans--with their backs to me.  A hulking figure of a man in dark blue suit jacket came toward me with arms extended, as if to embrace an old friend.  God told me this was the older Stoker.

The information came at me all at once, but settled into distinct points:

1.  I was to work to get E! back on the air.  (I made phone calls to Nickelodeon, etc.)

2.  There would be a great means of communication that would bring the whole world closer.  (The internet).

3.  After a dramatic weight loss, I would get the story I was given about Mike and the girl jockey published--only on this great communications medium.

4.  I was to mobilize the E! fans according to their respective "camps" and work to bring an updated version of E! to TV.

5.  After doing all of the above, I was to somehow light a fire under the E! cast and sell them on this idea of bringing the show back.

6.  Use the great new means of communication to draw ideas for the E! "Rekindle."  I saw something that could be interpreted only as taking concrete things and making them etheral--like bulletin/message boards.

God went on to explain that E!'s phenomenal success was due to HIS WILL.  There will be no other TV show to even come close to E! in popularity.
Emergency Medical Services (EMS) are an extension of Divine Mercy, coming from the God of Second Chances.
E! was God's clarion trumpet call to His earthly angels of EMS.  (What does someone call an EMT/PM when they're pulled out of a situation?  An angel)!
There was no mistake in EMS being started in Los Angeles.  What better place to start the "earthly angel" project than in the City of Angels?

Just because Gage and DeSoto were promoted did not mean that the series had to end.  However, God has used this hiatus for His own purposes--to keep the embers burning.  This "great new means of communication" would be instrumental in bringing the fans together with the cast.
Then I saw what I considered to be a publicity poster for the "Rekindle"--behind the cast (who were kneeling on one knee) were a bulldozer, helicopter, and new Engine and Squad 51.  Since Gage and DeSoto were promoted, so should the rest of the crew of 51. 

There's about to be a vocational crisis in EMS/civil service.  As of this writing, my own hometown, which has become a bedroom community for Louisville, is having problems with fire suppression assistance during the day.
Another of my assignments is to found a new monastery of cloistered nuns who would have as their charism (gift to the Church and the world) praying for Divine Mercy for the world; vocations to civil service; and remember civil servants in constant prayer.  These nuns will be known as the American Congregation of the Hidden Disciples of Divine Mercy.  Their website is:

Positive thoughts and prayers would be greatly appreciated for all of these endeavors.  Thank you very much!