P.S.I.--An "Emergency!" Story

Cast of Characters

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Paradise Park Race Course

Sabrina Stanley-Stoker--Captain Hank Stanley's neice from Kentucky; thoroughbred jockey; rides Gage's filly Nellie Belle Starr to victory in the Triple Crown races; marries Mike Stoker; murder victim.
George Welles--jockey; solicited Sabrina's murder; previously attempted to murder her by 'dropping.'
Vincent "Rooster" Williams--jockey; George Welles' roommate; psychology major; Brin's confidante; turns Welles in to the detectives.
Joel Maher--jockey; witness to George Welles' sleeping confessions.
Jules Sawyer--Johnny Gage's trainer; former jockey.
Willis, Walt, and Wayne--stewards.
Nellie Belle Starr--Gage's coal black filly; Triple Crown winner.
Ersatz Vermillion--bay colt; Brin's last ride.
Dojo Mojo--chestnut colt; Rooster had the riding assignment on him; Brin refused to ride the colt and warned Rooster about him.

The "Punisher"

George Ramsey/Slippery Elm--electrician; hitman; Sabrina's killer.

Los Angeles County Fire Station 51
Firefighter Specialist Mike Stoker--native Californian; engineer for Station 51; Sabrina's husband/widower.

Captain Hank Stanley--Sabrina's uncle; Mike's captain.

Firefighter/Paramedic Johnny Gage--runs on Squad 51; works with Captain Stanley and Engineer Stoker; owns Triple Crown winner Nellie Belle Starr, a coal black filly.  Racing colors: red, gold maltese cross; gold sleeves; red and gold cap. 
Firefighter/Paramedic Roy DeSoto--Squad 51's driver; Gage's partner; married to Joann.

Firefighter Chet Kelly--rides the jump seat on Engine 51; alter ego known as "The Phantom," who likes to play tricks on people--namely his confreres at Station 51.
Firefighter Marco Lopez--rides the other jump seat on Engine 51. 

Los Angeles County Sheriff's Office

Detective Ed Mundelein--former beat cop; spent seven years in an English Benedictine monastery; came back to the U.S. and resumed police work.
Detective Peaches Shorts--grew up in rough neighborhood; All-American collegiate basketball player; has degree in police science and law enforcement.

Rampart General Hospital

Dr. Kelly Brackett--head of the Emergency Department.
Dr. Mike Morton--E.R. doctor.
Dixie McCall--E.R. head nurse; Dr. Brackett's girlfriend; dies of heart attack in the E.R.

Sabrina's Kentucky Family
Fire Chief Harold Stanley--Brin's dad; volunteer fire chief
Elizabeth Stanley--Brin's mom; dispatcher for the hometown police
Barbara Stanley--Brin's sister; fraternal twin to Bobby; dispatcher for county sheriff
Bobby Stanley--Brin's brother; fraternal twin to Barbara; Kentucky State Trooper

Sabrina's Posse

Cassie Lou--Posse founder and leader; another of Brin's confidantes; witness to altercation between Brin and Welles; captures Welles.
Katrina, Ophelia, and JoRita--Posse members.
The Davidsons--owners of Condor Ridge Farm.

Miscellaneous Characters

Fr. Francis--healer priest from Oakland
Sylvia Ramsey--Slippery Elm's wife who hands her husband over to the detectives.
Wally, Pete, and Vanessa--Lafayette Farm workers
Sid and Suzie Bartlett--Mike & Brin's next door neighbors.