P.S.I.--An "Emergency!" Story


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Gage and DeSoto were promoted to Captain.  Gage went to work in Urban Search and Rescue; DeSoto was assigned a station closer to his home.  Chet and Marco took interest in bulldozers and helicopters, respectively, and went to work in those divisions of County Fire.



Battalion Chief McConnike died of a heart attack on the fireground.  Captain Stanley had been first on the short-list to take McConnike's place.

Mike very reluctantly took and passed his captain's test.  He was given the helm of Station 51's "A" shift.

After the promotion ceremony, Mike went to the far edge of the headquarters parking lot, and wept as he overlooked the city.  What was the purpose of a promotion if he didn't have a wife or family to support?

However, true to her word, Brin now appears to him yearly on his birthday.