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Enter subhead content here And if you don't want to answer this next question because it's too personal, just say so, but it'll help with my own investigation."
Brin's ring started burning.  Mike tried not to hyperventilate.  That acursed shaking started again.
"Okay, go ahead."
"Was Brin a. . .uh. . .um . . .uh. . .virtuous on your wedding night?"
"Pure as the driven snow!  She had her father's reputation to think about; she didn't want the trainers to start hitting on her; and wanted to prove that she got to where she was in the sport without giving trainers any special favors.  Why?" he exclaimed.
"George had several sketchbooks of her, and the two of them. . ."
"WHAT!?  SHE WENT OUT OF HER WAY TO ASSURE ME THAT I WAS HER FIRST AND ONLY ONE!" Mike shrieked, rising from the chair.

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