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The entrance requirements are the same as any other religious community: no dependents or debts; right disposition for entering religious life; proof that a marriage has ended (annulments preferred) or written release from spouse.
Aspirants are considered Fourth-Tier Lay Cloisterites.
There is no age limit, save that given by canon law--17 to enter the novitiate.
Those experiencing same-sex attraction should work on controlling this issue, which will become more pronounced within the setting of religious community.  We highly recommend confession and the wearing of the Green Scapular and St. Benedict medal for conquering these temptations.  We also suggest emulating the angels.
The hermits are more for those over age 35.  Experience has proven that those who are younger are not able to deal with the isolation, unless on the high-functioning end of the autism spectrum.
We suggest the younger vocations begin as the Stella Maris Dominicans.

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