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For those pursuing the isolated eremitic route, contagion and other impediments, such as being a caretaker for one person, are not issues.  If debts are a problem, a payment program should be initiated so that one is debt-free when making final vows.
The following applies to all CONF lay associations with intention.

1.  Homosexuals.  Our advice is for them to write their autobiographies.
2.  Those who have taken private vows.
**Please do not take private vows if you have any plans of entering religious life.  A private vow of chastity is encouraged in the case of those desiring the Virginal Consecration, but otherwise, private vows are discouraged.**
Applications will be considered from the following:
1.  Virgins living lives of devotion.
2.  "Penitents"--those who have lived unchaste lives, but have returned to the ways of Christ.  We require at least two years of celibacy before a penitent's application will be considered.  Must be mentally stable. 
3.  Divorcees/Annulees--declaration of annulment required, along with civil divorce decree.
4.  Widows/widowers--deceased spouse's death certificate will be required.
5.  Former/transferring religious--account of previous trial of religious life required.  We realize this is a sticky subject for some, but refusing to explain previous experiences makes the application questionable.  We are keenly aware of the pain of previous experiences, but if one cannot get past that, then they don't need to re-enter religious life just yet.  If one left as a result of the changes of Vatican II, please be sure to state that.  All information shared is confidential.  Transferring religious will require leave-of-absence or exclaustration.
6.  Priests--please be in good standing with your local ordinary.   Thank you.

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