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The Leonie League for the Advancement of Autistic Persons ("Leonie League") is a private lay association of the Christian faithful without the intention of becoming an institute of religious life. Our purpose in life is as our name states--the advancement of autistic persons. Our membership may be comprised of both neurotypical and autistic persons.





The Leonie League does not have medical personnel within their ranks. Even if we did, trying to give medical advice online without meeting the client would be irresponsible. We have a list of lay eremites who are on the autism spectrum, and they willingly pray for those recommended to us.

The League also has a Groups.io group open to those with autism and/or their families. Our main posts are prayer requests for those on the Spectrum. We will post, from time to time, articles, or links to studies, or share from our personal encounters with the Spectrum.

Becoming a Member

Persons wishing to become members should email Gemma, and enter into email correspondence with her.

Leonie Martin
The "Difficult Sister" of St. Therese of Lisieux

Questions or comments? Get in touch with Gemma at: