Leonie League for the Advancement of Autistic Persons (Leonie League)

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The Leonie League is an online ministry of the CAMM/CCMM Dr. St. Gianna's Assistants for Life (DGAL).

At present, the League is internet-based.

Discerners drawn to religious life dedicated to ministry to the autistic sub-culture -- through our initiatives -- will work with the Leonie League as a CAMM Autism Minister. DGAL membership is required.

Discerners will spend the first year on the Safe Harbor Vocation Support and DGAL Groups.io groups, developing their ministry, then move to the CAMMFormation list.

After two years on that list, they will be invited to join the CCMM Seton Seminary list for two years of novitiate. The three years following are known as Missioner. Then one is considered Sister or Brother.

If others are attracted to living the vowed life on behalf of the Spectrum, the group may begin discernment regarding branching off.

Replacement vocations for the CCMM will be required before the group is permitted to begin experimentation.

Both high-functioning autistic and neurotypical vocations are needed. High-functioning Down Syndrome vocations are welcome, too.

The founding members of the Leonie League are from the Piedmont Triad area of North Carolina. Since our founding, we have added international members to our prayer list, as well.