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No opportunity for making reparation should be neglected.  Begin the day with an act of love to our Lord for those whose first thought is never of Him.
If we find it hard to rise in the morning, let us offer this act in reparation for the sensuality of those who slothfully spend whole mornings in bed.
If we suffer from the cold or from excessive heat, we should endure it in reparation for all the luxurious means employed by people in the world to avoid such discomfort.
Mass should be heard with the greatest possible recollection in reparation for the lack of respect shown by thousands of persons who come to Mass only to be seen.
Communion should be received with all the love, faith and purity possible in reparation for sacriligious communions.  Confessions should be made in the same spirit.
The Blessed Sacrament should be adored to compensate for the insults offered it and for disbelief in the Real Presence--and so for the rest.  Reparation each moment of the day and the night, by each pulsation of the heart, by every breath, by each aspiration of the soul, by every movement of the lips.  Affectionate compensation made to the Heart of Jesus for all the shameful deeds of men--what a vocation!  What glory!  What great love and what great merit!
                                                             Marie de L'agnus Dei, pages 128-129

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Our Lady of the Cloister, pray for us!