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The following is an excerpt from "Marie de L'agnus Dei: A Sketch of the Life of Marie-Anne Herve-Bazin, Religious of the Society of Marie-Reparatrice," pages 123-135. 
"At the very moment when an infallable voice was proclaiming the Immaculate Conception, Mary was giving to the Church a new religious congregation. . .

Blessed Emilie said: "The thought that a new glory was to surround my dearly beloved Mother gave me such an indescribable sense of sweetness, and the state of repose in which my good Mother placed my whole being was such that I might well think that she meant to reveal to me, not her glory only, but also some mystery of her heart.
I completely forgot where I was, and whether I was kneeling or sitting; only in returning to my usual state did I perceive that I was kneeling.  It was then just midday.
During the visitation, my thought was that Mary had given me a little place in Heaven, to enable me to enjoy the sight of her glory.
I saw the Divine Mother (when I say "I saw" I report simply the interior images which made an impression on the eyes of my soul, which remain very present) crowned at the same time by the Blessed Trinity as Queen, as Virgin, and as Mother.
She then told me the desire of her heart, and promised to be grateful if I gave it realization.  She reminded me that Jesus, in rising into Heaven, had not quitted the Earth; but it was not so with herself.  Her mother's heart suffered from being no longer on Earth, to pay Him and have others pay Him their tribute of adoration, respect, tenderness, and love.  What afflicted her deeply were the outrages, the sacriliges, the profanations of all sorts that were heaped upon Jesus, without her being able to console Him, or lavish upon Him her love and her care so as to heal the wounds thus inflicted upon Him.
Then, stirred by that maternal love that forges all and obliterates all distance and difference (and what mother's love can equal Mary's?), she disclosed a desire to have her place taken on Earth by souls who would have a quite special tenderness and respect for her divine Son.  And she assured me that it would make her happy to see Him surrounded by faithful spouses, who have for Jesus that delicacy and tenderness of love that exists in the hearts of mothers.
Then this good Mother, with a look of supplication (if I might so describe it) which I shall never forget, told me that my mother's heart would understand her, and that she expected me to find love enough in me to enable me to bestow some upon her well-beloved Son, who had given me so many proofs of His tenderness.
I promised all to Mary; for my heart, my body, my whole being was penetrated with a sense of gratitude, of love, of sorrow, which crushed and confounded at the same time that it consoled me."

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