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The Novitiate is dedicated to Sts. Gertrude the Great & Margaret Mary Alacoque. St. Gertrude's revelations were more "interior" in their devotion, while St. Margaret Mary's were more external.

Formation will be combined for some studies, and will be separate for others.  For those discerning the opposite vocation (eremite desiring cenobitic and vice versa), they will participate in the specific classes.
All branches will receive Salesian Spirituality.

Lay Cloisterite beguinages and the Vocation Incubator of the Holy Ghost are a long-range goal for discerners.
Discerners to both observances will join "Vena Cava".  Cenobitic discerners will join another discussion group, as well, for the sake of developing community.  Presently these groups are online, and membership is only for those approved to join.
All stages of formation begin February 2.
The one-year Vena Cava aspirancy is a time of discernment & preparation which deepens the discerner's spiritual life and further prepares the living quarters for either observance.  Modest apparel is adapted.  An introduction to the Daily Dedications is given.  The devotion to the Holy Face & Blessed Sacrament help prepare the aspirant for the next phase--Nova/Postulant.
Nova/Postulant: The Nova stage is 14 weeks. Distinctive garb is permitted: all black apparel, with white tiechel for ladies, and white tie for gentlemen, with Miraculous Medal worn around the neck.  After 14 weeks, the Postulance begins.  The white tiechel or tie is replaced with black.  The Miraculous Medal is retained.  The white tiechel is to be retained for the novice year.
***For those in hot climates, all white or grey may be worn.***
Novices will wear white skirt or grey slacks; light blue blouse or shirt; white hoodie or vest in summer; or light blue hoodie or vest in winter; and small white tiechel for the ladies.
In the established community, they will receive the white tunic; sky blue Carthusian scapular for eremites; red cord cincture; 18 decade Brigittine Rosary in Cloisterite sky blue and white; and reuse the white tiechel.  Novitiate is one year, and is the canonical year.
Temporary profession sees the newly-professed receiving the light blue tiechel and the crucifix with budded ends.  Three to five years of temporary profession will be permitted.  Three years is required by canon law.
At Final Profession, the name of the Cloisterite is engraved on the back of the crucifix with budded ends.  A ring may also be received.
The black tiechel is retained for the sake of funerals.
If we can find a habit maker who can replicate the Society of Mary Reparatrix headdress, those making final profession will receive such. 

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St. Gertrude the Great
Intercede for our novitiate!

St. Margaret Mary Alacoque
Intercede for our novitiate!

Our Lady of the Cloister, pray for us!