P.S.I. Part III -- Without Betsy . . .And Others


Chapter 1 -- Stomping, Snorting Buck
Chapter 2 -- Pele or Meowzie?
Chapter 3 -- "High Tide"
Chapter 4 -- Three Phone Calls
Chapter 5 -- The Fire Pole
Chapter 6 -- "She's Got You Spoiled, Doesn't She?"
Chapter 7 -- Heartbreak Hotel
Chapter 8 -- Kentucky Christmas
Chapter 9 -- Betsy's Estate
Chapter 10 -- Alone With a Madwoman
Chapter 11 -- "Why, Ettie, why?"
Chapter 12 -- Three Starbursts
Chapter 13 -- Weep No More, My Lady
Chapter 14 -- 'Betsy's Revenge'
Chapter 15 -- The Geoff Papers
Chapter 16 -- The "Wedding Portrait"
Chapter 17 -- Silence Requested

While Mike commenced making plans for the alcove and shrine, Cap moved back to his own house and made repairs.  Both Dr. Brackett and Cap consented to assisting Mike with the alcove.
Marco found a new girlfriend, Maria Sanchez, through one of his catering ventures.
Jockey Ann Tallman chose to retire rather than try to compete on some of the smaller circuits, where facilities for women were not always available.   After passing her trainer's test, she filled Betsy's vacant position with the Bragen-David stable.
Damon Sparkill returned to full-time reporting.  His editor was relieved to have him back.
The Papenfuses chose to divorce.  Mr. Papenfus took a training position with Sturgeon Farm, and became the coach for the Future Jockettes.  Mrs. Papenfus said her reputation was ruined, and moved out-of-state, after retaking her maiden name. 

The other jockeys involved in Betsy's murder were sentenced to 30 years in prison.  The state racing commission revoked their licenses, and banned them permanently from the sport.  The Kentucky Stanleys were able to finally get on with their lives.
"Betsy's Revenge" developed knee problems.  Josiah Hague decided to err on the side of caution and retired the Triple Crown winner to stud at a Lexington farm.