P.S.I. Part III -- Without Betsy . . .And Others

Chapter 1 -- Stomping, Snorting Buck
Chapter 2 -- Pele or Meowzie?
Chapter 3 -- "High Tide"
Chapter 4 -- Three Phone Calls
Chapter 5 -- The Fire Pole
Chapter 6 -- "She's Got You Spoiled, Doesn't She?"
Chapter 7 -- Heartbreak Hotel
Chapter 8 -- Kentucky Christmas
Chapter 9 -- Betsy's Estate
Chapter 10 -- Alone With a Madwoman
Chapter 11 -- "Why, Ettie, why?"
Chapter 12 -- Three Starbursts
Chapter 13 -- Weep No More, My Lady
Chapter 14 -- 'Betsy's Revenge'
Chapter 15 -- The Geoff Papers
Chapter 16 -- The "Wedding Portrait"
Chapter 17 -- Silence Requested

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In P.S.I. Part II--The Thaw, Mike remarried, only to find both of his wives to be concoctions of his traumatized mind after being involved in a fire truck accident.

Or were they?

Mike's problems had only just begun.  Both wives proved to be real in the person of Captain Stanley's neice, jockey Betsy Stanley.  After she and Mike were engaged, she was murdered by her former fiance after she won a stakes race in Kentucky.

On the heels of Betsy's murder, nurse Dixie McCall had two heart attacks, and is now fighting for her life at Rampart . . .


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