Servants of the Lord of the Homeschools

Holy Family Convent
Holy Family Convent

Holy Family Convent, the motherhouse of the Servants, will be based on the following photos:

Wesleyan College in Georgia no longer stands.
Holy Family Convent will be based on the above photo.

The tower porch on the far right will lead to the public chapel, where people of all faiths will be welcome to pray.

The main entrance will be in the center.  The sisters' convent will occupy the top three floors.  The schooling rooms, labs, gyms, etc., will be on the main floor.

There will be several different sized gyms.  The gymatorium shown below will be the largest of four.  The other three will range from a large room for smaller children, to a full-sized gym for high schoolers.


All foundations of the Servants will use the same convent design.