Servants of the Lord of the Homeschools

Holy Family Convent


***A Proposed Charism***

The Servants of the Lord of the Homeschools will minister to the needs of the homeschooling community, whether Catholic or non-Catholic.

We are praying for spacious grounds which would hold the following: convent and chapel with attached school-like building containing multi-purpose rooms of various sizes; small piano practice rooms; gymatorium; and swimming pool.  On the grounds would be a stocked fishing lake; hiking trails; and possibly a farm.

The sisters themselves would act as either tutors or hostesses, depending on the homeschoolers' needs.

For the sake of protecting homeschoolers rights, we are also praying for attorneys to receive vocations to this community. 

Teacher w/pre-school students

The Servants of the Lord of the Homeschools will be Ecclesia Dei Traditionalist, with the Traditional Latin Mass, and will be in communion with Rome.  The Servants will pray the Divine Office and Rosary in Latin; as well as participate in the Latin Salve Procession after Compline.  Mental Prayer and Lectio Divina will be included, also. 

The Servants' habit will be navy blue with scapular and capelet, with red sash worn around the waist, and white veil.  A Holy Shroud cross pendant will be also be worn. 


The Servants of the Lord of the Homeschools is a project of the Cloister Outreach Affiliate New Foundations (CONF).

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