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Dr. St. Gianna's Assistants for Life (DGAL)

Dr. St. Gianna's Assistants for Life (DGAL, pronounced "Degaulle") are a private lay association of the faithful working to promote the Culture of Life by any peaceful means possible.
***All DGAL members will be required to sign a non-violence commitment card.***
Just as physicians (which our saint was) have office assistants whose responsibilty is patient teaching, so we make ourselves available to the Holy Ghost in the promotion of the truth that life begins at conception, and that "the procedure" as abortion is euphemistically called, is horrific.
The United States Supreme Court stated that if pre-born viability were proven, Roe vs. Wade would be overturned. 
Roe vs. Wade was also passed to promote Margaret Sanger's eugenics program, which was to 'purge the ghettoes of the unwanted races.' 

The patrons of our group will include not only St. Gianna Molla, MD, but also St. Joseph; St. Dominic; St. Michael the Archangel; and St. Joan of Arc.

Foundress Karen Lhotka's local bishop has stated that he has no objections to DGAL.  We will submit our statutes to him when we have discerned what works for us.  Lay Associations without the intention of becoming an institute of religious life have only to submit statutes and a yearly report.

St. Gianna Molla, MD, pray for us!