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Dr. St. Gianna's Assistants for Life (DGAL)

Dr. St. Gianna's Assistants for Life will be similar in structure and formation to a Third Order Secular of an established religious order.
Since some of the founding members are of the Missionaries of the Gospel of Life and Lay Dominican traditions, there will be strong elements of Dominicanism in the group's spirituality and formation program.  The Sisters of the Holy Innocents & St. Gianna Molla will be Third Order Regular Dominicans.
We expect members to participate in daily Mass, if possible; pray the Liturgy of the Hours in whichever format is available to them; pray the rosary; wear the Brown Scapular (Five-Fold scapular preferred, if available); practice meditation and Lectio Divina, and contribute to the pro-life cause in whatever way they are able to.
If there are two or more members in one locality, monthly meetings will be in order. 

Outward marks of membership will consist of the silver Precious Feet/Crown of Thorns pin.  If possible, this will be blended with a plain silver cross.
A pink or red hoodie (and headcovering for women--tiechel; triangle; or bandana) may be worn when doing Sidewalk Counseling.  If already a member of a lay association or Third Order, the membership pin will be worn over that of the DGALs.

Please click here for the Precious Feet surrounded by the crown of thorns pin.

There will be two membership tracks available: regular and religious life.
Those on the regular track are allowed to be members of existing third orders.  They contribute time, prayers, or talent to the apostolate.
Those on the religious life track will have the opportunity to live according to a more regularlized schedule which will include prayer at regular intervals during the day.   
Those on both tracks may live together in a modern-day interpretation of a Beguinage.
A re-commitment to the apostolate will be made once yearly, on the Feast of St. Gianna Molla, or, if there are meetings, on the Sunday closest to her feast.  This way, those involved in third orders or lay associations and those discerning religious life will not have conflicts.

St. Gianna Molla, MD, pray for us!