Sisters of the Transfiguration and the Holy Wounds


Project Task List

The Sisters of the Transfiguration & Holy Wounds will wear a traditional habit comprised of a long white tunic, blue scapular, black capelet with small St. Benedict crucifix attached over the heart, and black veil with Brigittine crown.

The habit parts are significant in that the white represents the innocence of the children being served, and the black and blue represent their bruises.  The St. Benedict crucifix is not only representative of the sisters' Benedictine hospitality, but is also an exorcism sacramental.  The Crown of the Holy Wounds is representative of the Holy Wounds of Our Lord.
The sisters will not wear a belt or an external rosary, for as the inspiration said, 'We do not wish to afford them a weapon."  "Them" in this case, being the clientele.

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"My Jesus, pardon & mercy, through the merits of Your Holy Wounds!"