Solitaries of the Sacred Hearts and Reparation


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***A Proposed Charism that will begin as Congregational Recluses for the CAMM/CCMM Sacerdotal Division.***

The Solitaries of the Sacred Hearts and Reparation will be eremetical in charism, dedicated to perpetual adoration--with special emphasis on reparation to the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary--including the particular intention of reparing for in-fighting between religious orders. There will be special devotion to the Shoulder Wound of Christ and the other wounds He suffered, to include His insulted Nervous System from the scourging.

The habit will be sapphire blue, with a scapular of the same color, with the Sacred Hearts surrounded by the crown of thorns in red over the heart, and black veil with white wimple. A red cape, with gold patch on the left shoulder, honoring the Shoulder Wound, will be worn during solemn events and in the choir.

While being bi-ritual, The Solitaries will prefer the Mass in the Extraordinary Form (MEF/TLM)  All prayers will be in Latin.
Levels of Formation, duration, and their habits:
Nova (3 months) -- white blouse, capelet with gold patch on shoulder, skirt, hose, shoes, and short veil.
Postulant (9 months) -- same as Nova, only black, to include gold patch on capelet
Novice (2 years) -- White tunic, blue scapular with red Sacred Hearts, red cape with gold patch on shoulder, white veil
Temporary Profession (5 years) -- Blue tunic is received
Solemn Profession -- Black veil is received 

Sedevacantists, schismatics, and those belonging to autocephalous churches will need to be reconciled to Rome before we will discuss admission to this community.  May the Holy Ghost be your guide.


The Solitaries of the Sacred Hearts and Reparation are a project of the Cloister Outreach Affiliated New Foundations (CONF).

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