Sister Auxiliaries of the Apostolate Restoration

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***A Proposed Restoration that will begin as an active apostolate in the CAMM/CCMM Educational Division.***

The Sister Auxiliaries of the Apostolate became extinct in 2006 with the death of their last sister.  The faithful in West Virginia, U.S.A., will remember the community.
Cloister Outreach is spearheading the restoration of the SAA charism, which was teaching.  The original habit--pictured at left--will be retained, but since this is a restoration there will be no white underveil, and the St. Benedict Crucifix will be used.  The community will be bi-ritual, but will prefer to worship with the Extraordinary Form of the Latin Rite (the Traditional Latin Mass).  All prayers will be in Latin.

The Sister Auxiliaries of the Apostolate Renewal is a project of the Cloister Outreach Affiliated New Foundations (CONF).

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Questions or comments? Get in touch with Gemma, CONF Admissions Secretary & Affiliate Founder, at: