P.S.I. Part IV -- Finding Maria

Chapter 6 -- The Year of the Cat

Chapter 1 -- The Shrine
Chapter 2 -- To Build or Not to Build
Chapter 3 -- The Alcove
Chapter 4 -- Popery Aloud
Chapter 5 -- The Scream

The larger of the three downstairs bedrooms was converted into the Situation Room.  A table was set up with maps.

Betsy, we could sure use your help now, Mike prayed.

Meowzie walked in and jumped up on the table.  She sat on the map, her right front paw just in front of her.  Mike looked more closely--the Sierras.

He decided to put this to the test.  He picked Meowzie up off the table, and cuddled with her as he took her to the den.

The stereo turned on by itself.

"The year of the cat," the man sang.  Mike was so disconcerted he dropped the feline, who made a bee-line for the Situation Room.

He turned off the stereo, then hurried back to the room.

Meowzie was on the map again.

Same spot.

"I've had a whole slew of Army buddies call from out of the blue," said Chet.