P.S.I. Part IV -- Finding Maria
Chapter -- Puppies
Chapter 1 -- The Shrine
Chapter 2 -- To Build or Not to Build
Chapter 3 -- The Alcove
Chapter 4 -- Popery Aloud
Chapter 5 -- The Scream

"I'm watching a friend's dog for the week," said Johnny.

Puppies were running all over the place.  Mike and Marco dove after some who were escaping into someone's yard, but only succeeded in crashing into each other.
Sugar bolted from the squad, barking with every gallop.
"Let the dog do it!" Johnny yelled.  "Catch the ones you can."
"Who's giving orders around here?" asked Cap.
"Sorry, Cap, but. . ."
"Let the dog do it!" Cap yelled.  "And catch the ones you can."

Johnny walked back into the living room, only to find it empty.
"Where'd everybody go?" he asked out loud.
"Johnny," someone said from the kitchen.
He looked over to find everybody in the kitchen, and Sugar sitting and guarding the doorway

On-scene, Sugar jumped from the squad again, and started making people back up onto the curb.  She trotted from end to end, barking at anyone who got out of line.

When the squad was packing up to go, Johnny yelled for Sugar to come to him, but she didn't.  He walked over to the crowd, and said, "Come here, Sugar!"
Next thing he knew, he was seeing stars as a woman said, "How dare you talk to me like that!"
In Rampart's Treatment Two, nurse Ellen Bart dressed the cuts on Johnny's face.  Dr. Brackett crossed his arms, and with his smirk and tilted head, asked how it happened, again.
"OW!" Johnny cried.
"Sorry," Ellen apologized, pulling her hands back with gyration.
"I was calling the dog to me," Johnny started out of the corner of his mouth, "And this woman spectator thought I was talking to her.  According to Vince, she beaned me with her purse.  He hauled her in for it.  'Assaulting a civil servant'.  OW!"
"Well, the x-rays show no fractures, but you will be sore for a few days.  You're likely to have a shiner."
"Lovely.  Just lovely.  OW!"

Joann DeSoto showed Johnny how to cover his shiner with foundation.  Sugar's owner came to the station to collect her dog.
"Thank you, Johnny," she said, as she kissed him on the cheek.  Then she caught the odor of the make-up.  Her eyes widened as she backed away.
"Johnny Gage!" she whispered.  "I didn't know you were like that!  Come on, Sugar!"
As they left, Johnny was starting to fume as the context of what she'd said began to dawn on him.
"Thanks for taking such good care of her," she yelled from her convertible.
"Yeah, right," Johnny said under his breath.  "Now she can go herd ants back into their anthill, or bats into their belfry."