Reparatrix Adorers of the Most Holy Precious Blood

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***A Proposed Charism that will begin as Congregational Recluses in the CAMM/CCMM Education Division.***

The Reparatrix Adorers of the Most Holy Precious Blood will be a contemplative/active community with a fully cloistered branch of nuns.  Both branches of sisters will conduct a school, while the nuns, permitted to be teachers, will pray for the success of the apostolate and for reparation to and promotion of devotion to the Most Holy Precious Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ.
As with all of the CONF communities, the Reparatrix Adorers will be either adherents to the Mass in the Extraordinary Form or bi-ritual. Mass and prayers will be in Latin.  The Chaplet of the Precious Blood will be prayed by the full community (active and cloistered together).  The nuns will pray the smaller "offices" at their worksites, so as to not disturb the students with their chanting.
In floorplans for future Most Holy Precious Blood convents, the monastery will be built like a great square, with the chapel off of the inner wall of the front of the square, protruding into an inner courtyard.  The nuns will be separated from the active sisters and the public by a tall grille, from which the priest gives Our Eucharistic Lord to the faithful.
However, the "Motherhouse" will be built according to the building shown on the "Precious Blood Links" page.
Perpetual Adoration is in mind for the cloistered nuns.
The active sisters' habit will be crimson with three-quarter length sleeves and mid-calf length skirt.  The active sisters in perpetual profession will wear a crimson "head-wrap" veil. 
The cloistered nuns' habit will be floor-length crimson with same-color scapular and black veil.
As is usual practice in the CONF communities, the Novas wear all white, and the Postulants--in most cases--black.  A Reparatrix Adorer Novice will receive the red habit and white veil.
When a sister enters as a Nova, she will receive the distinctive SAPB cross--gold with drops of blood at the five wounds points, and a crown of thorns at the head.
If an aspirant is a Sedevacantist or member of another schismatic sect, we recommend deep discernment before making application to this community.   Reconciliation with Rome is prerequisite.   May the Holy Ghost be your guide. 


The Reparatrix Adorers of the Most Holy Precious Blood is a project of the Cloister Outreach Affiliated New Foundations (CONF).

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