Parish Workers, Little Daughters of the Holy Family

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5:00 am          --   Rise
The sisters will gather in the convent chapel at the following time for the following spiritual exercises:
5:30 am          --   Morning Prayer/Angelus/Meditation/Lectio Divina
Mass will be in parish church.
8:00 am         --   Parishes are usually open at this time.
12:00 noon   --   Angelus/Lunch
3:00 pm        --    Divine Mercy Chaplet in parish church
5:00 pm        --   Vespers (Evening Prayer) in parish church; return to convent
6:00 pm        --   Angelus/Supper
6:45 pm        --   Free time
7:00 pm        --   Recreation
8:15 pm        --   Compline (Night Prayer) with Salve Procession
Free time until
10:00 pm     --   Lights out

There will be areas of cloister in each convent.
We pray each sister will be able to have her own cell (convent bedroom).