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Here is a listing of our Yahoo! groups:

Cloister Outreach Newsticker (blog--open archives--read only)

Cloister Outreach Forum (open archives--please ask public questions about CO on this list)

Martin Family Parlor (open archives--for those who grieve the "loss" of one to the cloister)

Cloister of the Heart (closed archives--meditations group. No discernment discussion)

Safe Harbor Vocation Support (closed archives--vocational discerners only)

Catholic Vocations UK/Europe (closed archives--vocational discerners only)

Ancillaries in the Heart of the Church (closed archives--former religious only)

Founder Support:

Fullerton Society (closed archives--founders and supporters only)

Founders Forum (closed archives--not listed in Yahoo! groups directory)

Emerging Charism Adherents (closed archives--group specifically for adherents to either CONF or other emerging charisms)

The Religious Habit (open archives--for founders and those who love the habit; some discussion of sacred architecture)

We also have an "in house" Yahoo! group for the sake of Cloister Outreach personnel.
Correspondence with Gemma required for membership on the in-house; Ancillaries; and founders groups, with the exception of the Religious Habit. 

"Do not rouse my love until it please to wake."  (Song of Songs)