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While vocations promotion is every Catholic's duty, the parish needs to shoulder the responsibility for reminding its members that vocations exist, and they quite possibly exist in the parish. Priesthood vocations are generated by the parish priest's speaking of such to the young men. (We ask that widowers be included). Parish vocations committees host events such as 40 Hours for Vocations, and other devotions.

Gemma started the parish vocations committee at her parish in St. Joseph, Missouri, at the behest of the diocesan vocations director. He was impressed with her vocations work in what was then known as the Society of Our Lady of the Cloister (now Cloister Outreach). Each committee member came with their own ideas, and she charged each person with making their ideas come to life.

Among these plans were the 40 Hours Adoration for Vocations; a local sister coming to speak at Masses; a rack of vocational brochures from different communities (cloistered and others); and a nun run to St. Louis that, unfortunately, did not materialize.

The parish tract rack was quickly utilized, with one committee member making a sign stating, "Vocation Reading." Gemma noticed a female parishioner taking interest in a Franciscan community one Sunday afterward.

Due to Gemma's husband's job, the family relocated almost immediately to North Carolina. The vocation work has been primarily online since then. Some packages of "prelims" -- preliminary information brochures -- were mailed out in the years before the family gained internet access.

The link below is basically the same information in a booklet, published by Conception Abbey, which Gemma had received from the diocesan vocations director.

Parish Vocation Committee Guidelines (We are not affiliated with the Archdiocese of Cincinnati)

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