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St. Therese's four sisters. Her sister, Leonie, far right, was a Visitandine

The following poem was written by Jean Dittmann, who plans to found a cloistered Discalced Carmelite monastery for the "over 45" vocation.

                  A LIFE OF LOVE
As the sun rises and the birds sing their morning prayer,
There is one, sitting quietly in her sun-drenched cell,
Gazing at the alpacas, frolicking in the fields.
She smiles, and continues spinning, spinning the wool of their alpaca.
She will later weave it into warm clothing.
As her sandalled feet treadle the wheel,
Her hands are kept busy, guiding and feeding the wool, now spun, onto the bobbin,
And her heart is singing for joy.
She is radiant, looking like a bride,
But instead of being dressed in white satin and lace, she wears a coarse brown habit.
Instead of a coronet of flowers and jewels, she wears a soft black woolen veil.
She works in silence, so that she can commune with her Lord, her Bridegroom.
Every few hours the bell rings, calling her to prayer.
Her mission, as well as that of all the Sisters, is to pray.
Pray for the homeless, the wretched and poor, pray for the hopeless,
Those who are in pain, and live in fear.
Pray for the prisoner, the lonely, the unborn, far and near.
Pray for an end to violence, murder, terrorism, hatred, and strife.
Many say"Oh! What a waste!" She just smiles.
She knows the depth and richness and beauty
Of her chosen life.
It is not easy to live this life, except for its redemptive aspect.
There is a fierce, unending battle with evil going on,
One must be fortified, and ever alert,
For the enemy is insidious, ruthless, and immortal.
She knows Who her Strength is, and calls upon Him in time of need, and He, ever faithful, responds Immediately!
Her days are filled with intercession and prayer, work and recreation, with her Sisters, all fair.
Nourishment is taken for body and soul, and rest, long enough to revitalize and repair,
To do battle for the souls, any and all, in humility and trust.
For the Lord loves a cheerful giver, and that is she.
Her days, weeks, months, and years are spent thus in service, in unending love,
Until the day dawns bright, when she is called,
At last she beholds her Bridegroom, face to face
More resplendent than the sun,
And taking her hand,escorts her within,
To the Eternal banquet, and a new, everlasting life and love, now begins.
                                                          Jean Dittmann

Sts. Teresa of Avila and John of the Cross, pray for us!

"Do not rouse my love until it please to wake."  (Song of Songs)