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The Vocation Incubator of the Holy Ghost will be a very special place in a Cloisterite monastery.
Women (and men when we have Cloisterite monks) who have discerned a particular order, will be allowed to live in the incubator for up to three months, wearing the color of their chosen order.  They will also spend time in prayer with the Holy Ghost, and read books from their chosen spirituality.
The incubator retreatants will be the only ones inside a Cloisterite monastery praying for Cloisterite vocations--as a thanksgiving for the incubator.
Since the Nuns of Our Lady of the Cloister are not up and running as of yet, we hope this page will help with discernment.

Prayer for the Gifts of the Holy Spirit by St. Alphonsus Liguori

Novena to the Holy Ghost

Chaplet of the Holy Ghost

"The Holy Ghost, Our Greatest Friend" by Fr. Paul O'Sullivan, OP

Blessed be the Holy Ghost, the Paraclete! 

"Do not rouse my love until it please to wake."  (Song of Songs)