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Ages: 17 and up.  High school education or equivalent required.
Please write us with your personal experiences with pro-life work, to include which class of discerner you would belong to, with reasons (virgin; penitent; post-abortive; divorced w/annulment; widow--for statistical purposes only); your attraction to religious life; the number of years you've been discerning; whether you have access to the Latin Mass; and how often you attend.  We also ask for educational levels; one's current work; and Latin proficiency.  Those vocations hindered by impediment (debts; dependents; length of time as Catholic) may participate in the charism as a lay associate in Dr. Gianna's Assistants for Life (DGAL).
If an aspirant belongs to an Autocephalous church, a schismatic or sedevacantist group,  we recommend deep discernment before making application.  Reconciliation with Rome is prerequisite.   May the Holy Ghost be your guide.

For more information, please contact Gemma, the vocation directress. Please put "Sisters of the Holy Innocents" in the subject line. Thank you.

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