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The sisters' remunerative work may also blend with their pro-life apostolates:

-- conducting crisis pregnancy centers;
-- homes for unwed mothers;
-- homes for unwanted babies;
-- orphanages;
-- and/or schools for special needs children.

Antepartum (before birth); birth; and postpartum (after birth) doulas and midwives will also be an apostolate.

The Tom Doms Dominican campus ministry has also been identified as an apostolate for this charism, as well.  Many abortuaries thrive in proximity to colleges and universities.

The Sisters will also host Rachel's Vineyard and Grief to Grace retreats.

Cenacles of Life

Grief to Grace

Natural Family Planning

Rachel's Vineyard

Theology of the Body (TOTB)

TomDoms Campus Ministry

Truth Booth

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St. Gianna's feast is April 28

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