Consecrates of St. John the Beloved


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This horarium is primarily for the novitiate.  Consecrates who discern a call to live in the world may have to arrange their own horarium.
The religious practices of daily Mass; Liturgy of the Hours; rosary; meditation; and Lectio Divina, plus any private devotions, are the usual contents of an horarium.

 5:00 am   --   Rise
 5:30          --  Meditation
 6:00          --  Angelus; Mass; Matins (Morning Prayer)
 7:00          --  Breakfast
 8:00          --  Duties
 9:00          --  Novitiate class twice weekly; Little Hours prayed in class
12 noon    --  Angelus; Lunch; Noon Prayer
 1:00 pm   --  Duties
 3:00          --  Commemoration of Divine Mercy; light collation; Little Offices
 5:00          --  Vespers (Evening Prayer); free time
 6:00          --  Angelus; Supper
 7:00          --  Recreation
 8:00          --  Compline (Night Prayer); Salve Procession; Great Silence
10:00        --  Lights out   

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