Consecrates of St. John the Beloved

Religious Practices

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Religious practices at the novitiate will include the Mass in the Extraordinary Form; Latin Liturgy of the Hours; Lectio Divina; Rosary in common; Latin Salve Procession after Compline; Meditation.

The community is dedicated in a particular manner to the Perpetual Virginity of Our Lady and St Joseph.  The Consecrates are to make reparation for not only the lack of belief in Our Lady's perpetual virginity, but also for the lack of respect for the virginal state in the modern world.

Perpetual Adoration is also in mind for the community.

The Novitiate will be named Patmos Monastery, for the island on which St John spent his last years.  The monastery's name is significant for the Consecrates are to consider themselves exiled from the world.

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