Consecrates of St. John the Beloved


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The habit will be a white tau robe, representative of the alb, with red cord cincture, and a medallion of St John the Beloved reclining on the Sacred Heart of Jesus at the Last Supper.  Consecrates working in the world will have to obtain an employer's permission before wearing the habit on the job.  In such circumstances, we would encourage wearing street clothes ("civies"); the medallion; and in any circumstance, the ring. 
The medallion will be received when the candidate is accepted.  This medallion can be worn under the clothes if the future Consecrate will be wearing a business suit or uniform.
A business suit of dark blue slacks, maroon blazer, grey shirt, and tie, with the St. John Medallion could also constitute either distinctive garb or habit.  The tie color would indicate the level of formation.

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