Consecrates of St. John the Beloved


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The Consecrates of St John the Beloved are virgin males who make a consecration of their virginity to God in reparation for sins of the flesh.

By their charity toward each other, the Consecrates make reparation for the sins of lust which lead to the "using" of others for selfish purposes and self-gratification.

By their poverty, they make reparation for pecuniary sins of the flesh.

By their obedience, they make reparation for disobedience to the grace of conversion given to so many souls, but who spurn it to continue in their sins.

Please note: the Consecrates will be consecrated according to CSJB's particular rite by the Ordinary of the diocese in which the Novitiate is established.  They will not be consecrated by their local ordinaries.  CSJB is a charism, and will have its own Customary and Formulary (Books of Customs and Formulas, respectively).  Being consecrated by one's own bishop may happen if this is what the Consecrates discern, but we do not anticipate this happening.

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