Congregation of Charity of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal (CCMM)

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One of the distinguishing characteristics of this congregation will be the presence of recluses within the motherhouse.  If not within the motherhouse, then in the privacy of their own homes.

What is a recluse?  Recluses are usually found in "reclusories" in Europe, where they live an ultra-eremetical lifestyle.

Recluse, in the CCMM context, though, would typically be those sisters who have served in the mission field, but feel called by God to deepen their prayer life on behalf of the congregation.  However, we will be accepting aspirants to the recluses from the beginning of the foundational process.

The CCMM recluses will have a section of the motherhouse reserved entirely for them.  They will be charged with the responsibility of perpetual adoration.

The habit will have the same blue CCMM tunic, but will have a white elbow-length cape, Miraculous Medal, and white veil. 

The Recluses will live the CCMM rule, with some Benedictine spirituality added for the sake of contemplation.

As mentioned on the "About Us" page, we are discerning whether or not to have a "seminary" training center for the CCMMs, then having them return to their homes and be self-supporting.  If this happens, it's quite possible that the recluses will become an entity to themselves, with their own novitiate house, and living has hermits-in-diaspora.  As for now, we have the yahoo group.

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