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Anchorites of Reparation

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***A proposed charism which will begin as a CAMM/CCMM Congregational Recluse in the Prisons Division***

The Anchorites of Reparation will be Franciscan in spirituality, imitating St. Colette of Corbie during her years as an anchoress.

The Anchorites' feast day will be "Spy Wednesday," the day on which the charism was given.  Their main work will be making reparation for Judas' greed, and for greed in general.

Anchorites will receive their novitiate training in a reclusory-style motherhouse.  Only the perpetually professed will be permitted to live next to churches as anchorites/anchoresses.

Habit: the habit for the perpetually professed anchoresses will look like that of the Poor Clare Colettine, only all white, with San Damiano crucifix; Franciscan cord; and purple cappa.  For the male anchorites: white Franciscan habit with San Damiano crucifix; Franciscan cord; and purple cappa.

Historically, anchoresses (women) and anchorites (men or priests) became spiritual advisors to the parish in which they were anchored.  Becoming an anchorite did not cut one off from the world, rather the anchorhold anchored them IN the world.  Becoming an anchoress for the sake of making reparation for a particular sin was not unusual.
Anchorites wore modest clothing for the time in which they lived.  Religious habits were shunned, so as to not give offense to any established orders.  However, since the Anchorites of Reparation are to be a religious institute, they will be wearing a habit.

The Anchorites of Reparation will be an Ecclesia Dei Indult Latin Mass community.  All prayers will be in Latin.
If any discerner who is attracted to this community belongs to either an autocephlous or sedevacantist church; or a schismatic sect, reconciliation with Rome will be prerequesite to making application.


Willingham Church, England

Anchorholds typically had three windows--one facing into the church; one in the door to the anchorhold; and one facing the outside.
Our anchorholds will be slightly different.  Instead of one large room, there will be three--turn/work room; bedroom; and kitchen; with an external walled-in square garden.

The Anchorites of Reparation are a project of the Cloister Outreach Affiliate New Foundations (CONF).

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