First Federation of Visitation Nuns in the U.S.

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Welcome to the unofficial website of the First Federation of the Visitation Nuns in the United States.
Since the monasteries' websites have gone into further detail regarding the Visitation's history, we have simply compiled a clearinghouse of links.  The Second Federation has a website, but the First Federation does not.  The First Federation is distinguished by papal enclosure and solemn vows.

This site is not connected with any Visitation monastery, and is presented with gratitude by Cloister Outreach, who is responsible for the site's upkeep.  Any concerns should be sent to Gemma at
Visitation monasteries in the U.S.:

Mobile, Alabama

Snellville (Maryfield), Georgia

Tyringham, Massachusetts

Toledo, Ohio

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Rockville, Virginia

There is only one Visitation monastery in the UK.  They follow papal enclosure and wear the full habit as well:

Waldron, East Sussex, UK

St. Jane Frances de Chantal