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St. John Vianney's Company of Nurses is not associated with the Priestly Union of St. John Vianney--a Traditionalist group recognized by Rome.

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***A Proposed Charism that will begin as an active apostolate for the CAMM/CCMM Sacerdotal Division.***

A community of nursing sisters who would care for the clergy was Gemma's second inspiration for a new charism.
While in high school--and after her reception into the Church--all three of her parish priests fell ill with the flu--and there was no one to help them.  Gemma was a Candy Striper at her local Catholic hospital; however, her pastor declined any assistance from her.
An inspiration for a troupe of nursing sisters for the priesthood took root in her heart.  A particularly interesting aspect of the inspiration called for the sisters to be adherents of the Latin Mass.  In 1980, the Latin Mass was almost unheard of, except in extremist circles, and was considered almost heretical.  The sisters were also to spend their down time in the convent when not in the field. 
With this intention in mind, Gemma entered practical nursing school upon completion of high school.  While in college, she discovered Elinor Tong Dehey's book, Religious Communities of Women in the United States at the local library.  The book proved to be a smorgasbord of information on the foundation of religious communities.
The inspiration to found a band of nursing sisters had continued to grow within Gemma's heart.   In Dehey's book, she found an emblem not unlike the gold host and chalice in a red crown of thorns she had been inspired to put on the new community's scapular.  From that moment, she had felt a spiritual kinship with the other community.
The primary purpose of this proposed nursing company is to render assistance to sick priests, and provide and/or staff retirement homes for the same. 


As adherents to the Mass in the Extraordinary Form, the community's religious exercises will include the Latin Tridentine Mass; Latin Divine Office; Contemplative prayer; Lectio Divina; Rosary; and adoration.  Depending on the availability of the Mass in the Extraordinary Form, the community may be bi-ritual.
The community is envisioned as living the Rule of St. Augustine in a contemplative-active setting.  The sisters would observe a deep, regenerating prayer life within the convent, and return to their apostolate refreshed in body and soul.
The habit shall be the following: sapphire blue tunic with scapular which bears a gold host and chalice surrounded by a red crown of thorns; black veil with white coiffure; black belt with black 20-decade rosary, and blue cappa.  A crucifix ring will be worn by those who have made final profession.
The stages of formation and their habits shall be:
Nova (three months): white blouse, skirt, hose, shoes, and thin veil, gold host and chalice surrounded by red crown of thorns pin.
Postulant (nine months): black blouse, capelet, skirt, hose, shoes, and short veil.  Distinctive pin retained from Novaship.
Novice (two years): sapphire blue tunic, distinctive scapular, black belt and rosary, white veil and coiffure.
Temporary profession (five to eight years): receives the black veil.
Final profession: receives crucifix ring.

Habit will be similar to the above photo.

Discerners who are of an autocephalous; sedevacantist; or schismatic mindset, yet feel called to this community, will be required to be reconciled to Rome before making application.  We recommend deep discernment.  May the Holy Ghost be your guide.


Religious congregations ministering to priests require Rome's permission. Those attracted to this Ministry will need to keep this in mind.

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