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***A Proposed Charism that will begin as an active apostolate for the CAMM/CCMM Medical Division.***

The Handmaids and Manservants of St. Dymphna will be collaborators with the Monks and Nuns of St. Dismas in the care of the mentally ill.
The Handmaids and Manservants believe that prison is not the place for the mentally ill, and will conduct a program of home care inspired by the methods implemented in Gheel, Belgium, the location of their patron's shrine.
Habit: In accordance with Canon Law 669, the Handmaids will wear a blue tunic, white coiffure (wimple), white veil, St. Dymphna medal, and red choir cape.  The Manservants will wear the blue tunic, with white cowl, St. Dymphna medal, and red choir cape.
Levels of Formation and their Habits:
Nova (three months): Men: white slacks and shirt; Women: white blouse, skirt, tights, shoes, and veil
Postulant (one year): Both female and male postulants will wear a light blue oxford shirt, and retain the rest of the Nova habit.
Novice (one year): Male: white tunic and cowl, black belt with blue St. Dymphna rosary; Female: white tunic, coif, and veil, black belt with blue St. Dymphna rosary.  Both will receive the red choir cape.
Temporary Profession (five years): Both the male and female entering temporary profession will receive the blue tunic and St. Dymphna relic medal.
Final Profession: Both the female and male making final profession as either a Handmaid or Manservant of St. Dymphna will receive a gold band.
The community will be Ecclesia Dei Traditionalist, a "sub-culture" within the church blessed by Pope John Paul II.  Along with the 1962 Latin Tridentine Mass, all other prayers will be chanted in Latin as well.
If an aspirant is a Sedevacantist or a member of some other schismatic group, we suggest deep discernment before making application to this community.  Reconciliation with Rome is prerequisite.   May the Holy Ghost be your guide. 

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Away from the prisons. . .a regular schedule and routine . . .acceptance of who the mentally ill are by loving host families. . .medication and psychiatric professionals available when needed . . .are all the prayer and dream of the Handmaids and Manservants of St. Dymphna.

The Handmaids and Manservants of St. Dymphna is a project of the Cloister Outreach Affiliated New Foundations (CONF).

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