Ministry of Our Lord's Sorrowful Grandmother

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***A Proposed Charism that will begin as an active apostolate for the CAMM/CCMM Social Division.***

The Ministry of Our Lord's Sorrowful Grandmother will be devoted to assisting marriages in crisis.  The ministry sisters will be devoted to the Five Sorrows of St. Ann, which Tradition has handed down to us as having involved St. Ann's apparent barrenness; St. Joachim leaving her temporarily because of her "condition;" and the Holy Family's trials.


The habit will consist of a navy blue tunic, navy blue scapular with red trim, small white collar, and navy blue veil with a wide white headband.  A medal depicting the Five Sorrows of St. Ann will be worn.  A 20 decade rosary will be suspended from a belt.

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Those who belong to an autocephalous church, or to schismatic or sedevacantist sects, and feel attracted to this community should enter deep discernment.  Reconciliation with Rome is prerequisite to making application.  May the Holy Ghost be your guide.

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