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Sisters of St. Lazarus Raised

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***A Proposed Charism that will begin as an active apostolate in the CAMM/CCMM Medical Division.***

Motto: Veritas et Spes (Truth and Hope)
The Sisters of St. Lazarus Raised is to be a community which will be dedicated to the care of the comatose, and patients in like-states.  Their apostolate will include conducting hostels for the comatose, and public education regarding coma. 
One does not have to be a nurse to make application.
While preferring the Mass in the Extraordinary Form (MEF/TLM), the community will be bi-ritual. The sisters' spiritual exercises will include the Divine Office in Latin; the Rosary; Eucharistic adoration; Lectio Divina; and contemplative prayer.  The sisters' convents will have specified areas of cloister.
Habit:  In accordance with Canon Law 669, the Sisters of St. Lazarus Raised will wear a full-length habit.
The garb for the different levels of formation are as follows:
Nova--white blouse, skirt, tights, shoes & veil.
Postulants--black candidate dress with short capelet
Novices--green tunic, white scapular and capelet, white veil.  A black 15-decade rosary is suspended from a black belt.
Temporary profession--the dark blue veil is received.
Final profession--the sister receives a round medallion depicting Our Lord raising St. Lazarus from the dead in the presence of Sts. Martha and Mary Magdalen.
Ages: 17 and up.  High school education or equivalent required.
If an aspirant is a Sedevacantist or belongs to another schismatic group, we recommend deep discernment before making application to this community.  Reconcilation with Rome is prerequisite.  May the Holy Ghost be your guide. 

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The shamrock is representative of the Most Holy Trinity.

The Sisters of St. Lazarus Raised--if they were a thriving, living community--would have been at the forefront of Terri Schiavo's fight for life. 

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