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Sisters for the Autistic

Welcome Nature

***A proposed charism that will begin as a ministry in the CAMM/CCMM Combination Division.***

The Sisters for the Autistic will conduct schools for the autistic, and offer other services for the improvement of the autistics' lives.  The sisters will also educate the public about autism.
Autistics will be accepted to the community.  In such a case, an Individualized Formation Program (IFP) will be drawn up for their formation process.
The sisters will wear a white tunic with black scapular and capelet, and a black veil attached to a white cap.  The sisters in final profession will wear a capelet with an embroidered white Latin cross.
Novas will wear a white blouse, skirt, veil, tights, and shoes.
Postulants will add a short black capelet to the Nova's habit.
Novices will receive the white veil, tunic and black scapular.  However, the capelet will have a red Latin cross.
When a sister makes Temporary Profession, she will receive the black veil.  The capelet cross will be blue.
Novices and professed will carry a 20-decade rosary in their pocket.
The congregational feast day will be February 2, the Feast of the Presentation of the Lord in the Temple.  The sisters will be devoted to Our Lord as the Infant of Prague, and to His Blessed Mother as Our Lady of Prompt Succor.
The Sisters for the Autistic will emerge from the Third Order of Autism, of which the Leonie League for the Advancement of Autistic Persons ("Leonie League"), will be an outreach initiative.  Both will be Lay Associations of Christ's Faithful.


Jesus, Mary, and Joseph,
I love you, save souls!

The Sisters for the Autistic are a project of the Cloister Outreach Affiliated New Foundations (CONF).

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